Top 15 Travel Essentials

As some of you may know after my birthday in June I am heading overseas to Spain and Italy with my family. I wanted to compile a list of things to help you guys out if you ever need a bit of help with packing to go on a long flight. These are the top 15 things that I would recommend you take on a long flight.


These are a must when going on a long trip on the plane when you want to listen to music or watch a video on the plane.


I am planning to make a vlog of my trip just to keep to myself just to document my trip and so I’m going to take my good camera to do so. I also want to take it to take some photos for Instagram.

Lip Balm

I always get chapped lips especially on a plane, so it is important to treat them.

Fluffy Socks

I always take fluffy socks on the plane because I just find it a great way to get comfy.

iPhone Charger

This is self-explanatory because you need to charge your phone and there is a USB port on the plane to do so.

Hand Sanitiser

I am becoming such a germaphobe and taking hand sanitiser on a plane is important because you don’t want to get sick on the plane.


I hate feeling sweaty and gross especially on a plane where you a squished next to people you don’t know so deodorant is good to freshen up every now and then.

Passport Holder

I just like having this to keep it safe and I think it just makes it look that little bit nicer. It also disguises it a bit.

Face Wipes

I also feel like my face feels gross on a place because there are so many germs floating around so just having these to freshen up every now and then.

Dry Shampoo

Your hair gets super oily on a plane and travelling in general so having this to spray in your hair helps that.


When I go overseas I am going from winter into summer and I will be needing sunnies to protect my eyes.

Swim Suit

I thought that this would be a good idea because I’m going into summer when I am in Spain and Italy, so I will defiantly be swimming and you can also double this up to be a body suit to wear throughout the day.

Mini containers

This is a great idea because we are travelling very light and it is just easier to have small bottles of shampoo and conditioner rather than massive bottles of it.

Travel document holder

This is super important to have all your document all in one to stay super organised when travelling to keep everything safe.

World Adaptors

This is self-explanatory, but world adaptors are a must when travelling overseas because if you need to plug something into the wall you need these to do so.

They are my top 15 essentials that I will be taking on my trip to Spain and Italy. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you very soon!

xx Eliza


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