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Hello people of the internet… I’m Eliza Schoenmaker and this is my Blog.

My name is Eliza Schoenmaker I was born on the 11th June 2003 and currently, I am 13. I have been dancing since I was 3 and I haven’t stopped ever since. I have 2 brothers one older than me and one younger. My favourite colour is pink and I am Australian and love it. I describe myself as a girly girl. I have a group of friends at my school now and they describe me as the happy, positive, friendly, trustworthy, crazy, bubbly friend.

Interests that I enjoy are… dancing, watching YouTube, watching Riverdale, taking photos, baking, listening to music, hanging with my friends, shopping, relaxing and snap chatting.

I created my blog on the 9th of April 2017. I created this blog because of this girl named Zoe Sugg. Zoe is a massive inspiration to me and I read her blog a few months ago, and fell in love. I had to do a blog for school as an assignment and I really enjoyed it. I have decided to start a blog to help girls and boys around the world that want some advice.

This was my first blog post as an introduction to me and my life. I hope you enjoy.

Love Eliza xx


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    1. Thank you so much Anna! It really means so much to me. Thank you for leaving me such lovely comments.


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