Parramatta Haul

A few days ago, Mum and I went to Parramatta to get my pointe shoes and we had a look at some of the other shops whilst we were there, and I had to show you guys what I got. Enjoy!


Pointe Shoes
So first, I got my pointe shoes. This was my first pair of pointe shoes that I have ever had and was so exciting getting them. We were in the shop for about an hour trying on different pairs to make sure that the fit correctly for my type of foot. The style that I got was Heritage.

Prima Pro Pad
When you get your pointe shoes you must get these to protect your toes when on pointe.

Character Shoes
I’m doing the grade 6 ballet exam this year and I needed these character shoes. I got these in the Cuban heel.

Fifi Panel Studded Leotard
Whilst I was there I picked up this leotard because it was so pretty.

Elastic and Ribbons
Again, with the pointe shoes I need elastic and ribbons, so I got them.


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
I got this drying lotion because I have heard so many good things about this and thought that it would help my skin.

Mini Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
I have also heard so many great reviews about this mascara by Too Faced and got a mini one to try it out.


Rainbow Spotted T-Shirt
I saw this in Zara and thought it was so cute and I thought that it would go so well with dungarees and a jacket in the winter.


White Ankle Socks
I have a collection of socks but, don’t have a pair of plain white ones so I got some.

White 1 Metre Charger
The charger that I have now has split and all the cables are visible and is probably not safe, so I got a new one.

Pink Zip Lock File Folder
Mum saw these and thought that they would be useful for me to have and so I got them.

That’s all that I got in Parramatta. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please follow my blog and you will get an email every time I have a new post. You should also comment something down below. I would love to talk to you guys.

Eliza xx


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