Easter 2018

Hello Everybody,

I wanted to make a post to just show you all a few pictures of Easter Day. I love Easter and wanted to document my day. Enjoy!

On Easter Day my family and myself went to church in the morning and then had a coffee and we had some of my mum’s family up for dinner. I have added some images of the food that I made, come of the decorations and my outfit. I have included the ingredients to all of the food that I have made. They are pretty self explanatory if you wanted to make any of them. I hope you all had an amazing Easter break.  


Chocolate Cake
For the chocolate cake I use a chocolate cake mix and just added the ingredients that the packet said to do.

Easter Chocolate Nests 
>       100g Dairy Milk Chocolate 
>       1 Shredded Wheat ‘biscuits’ 
>       Chocolate Easter Eggs

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
>       180g Milky Bar White Chocolate
>       1 Bag of Pretzels

Cheese Platter
>       Brie Cheese
>       Jatz
>       Cheese Cubes
>       Pesto Dip
>       Parmesan Cheese Twisty Sticks
>       Strawberries

Eliza xx


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