Copying Maddie Ziegler's Instagram Photos

Hello Everybody,

Over the last few days, I copied Maddie Ziegler’s Instagram and I had so much fun. I had a few photos where I needed two people, so my friend Georgia helped me out with some of the photos. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should so you can vote on my insta stories for what you want to see on my blog and stay up to date with my life. My Instagram is @elizaschoenmaker. So, let’s get into the photos.

Photo 1


This is probably my favourite photo that I took because I think that we were close. I didn’t have a dark grey background and we didn’t have the body suit that Kalani is wearing in the picture, but we tried the best that we could. There were some other things that were different like Georgia’s shorts and the lengths of our hair, but we tried our best. My outfit was spot on and we did pretty well with the pose I think we probably could have been touching heads though. I think we did well with what we had.

Photo 2


I was also very happy with this photo as well. I didn’t have the jacket and the lighting is not the same. but I think I nailed the pose. I did also need to push my hair upwards like Maddie but otherwise, I think I did really well.

Photo 3


Again, we didn’t nail the lighting, but we got the background with the window and the outfits. We didn’t have the exact same colours, but we tried our best. we both found the faces hard because it looked really good on them, but it was really hard to recreate.

Photo 4

I think I did a good job with this photo. I had the necklace, shirt, background, nails, ring and pose. The face was really had to recreate but I tried my best. I don’t know why but my walls kept turning out like a dark cream colour but I couldn’t get them white, so I think that that is a major difference. (Sorry the format for these images went weird and I don't know how to fix it. Sorry!)

Photo 5


First of all, the lighting was somewhat close in this image. Yay! It’s a bit bright but its closer than the others. We found it hard to find two different coloured dark green shirts, but this is what we found. My hair wasn’t as long as Maddie’s, but we couldn’t do much about that.

Photo 6


I really don’t think that this one is close at all. I had the idea, but I didn’t quite get there. I got the shirt, necklace and my hair. The hand that she did was awkward to copy, but I tried my best, it looks fine in her picture, but I just couldn’t do it, so it looks a bit weird.  

Photo 7


This one was pretty good. I hated this photo because I never wear my hair in a ponytail with the pieces of hair out on the sides because they just don’t suit me, but they look good on her. She was also in a weird position, but I think I did a good job and we also didn’t get the lighting right but that’s okay.

Photo 8


This is probably my least favourite photo just because I just didn’t get anything right. I didn’t have the right shirt and I was facing the camera and wasn’t side on and I couldn’t get my hair curled the same way that she had it.

That is all the photos that I recreated from Maddie Ziegler’s Instagram. Please subscribe to my blog and you will get an email every time I upload a new post and follow me on all my social medias. Comment something nice in the comments I would love to talk to you guys. A massive thank you to Georgia for coming to my place today and helped me with some of the photos. Thank you very much and I will see you in my next post. Bye!

Eliza xx


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