Letter to my Best Friends

To Dear My Best Friends,

This thank you is long overdue. I can never thank God enough for placing you six gorgeous girls in my life. There are so many things I want to thank you for, and I’m sure I’m going to still be missing some by the end of this letter. But here is a small token of my gratitude for just being by my side in this life and making it all worthwhile. You six girls, are my best friends. Some I have known longer than others but that doesn’t make a difference. A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you’ll never smile again someone who is the one who brings out the best in me. Best friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow they are like a four-leaf clover hard to find but lucky to have.

Thank you first of all for accepting me and loving me for exactly who I am. I can be stubborn, difficult and confusing, but you love and accept me for me. There are days I wonder when you’ll finally come to your senses and move on and find a new BFF, one who isn’t so complicated, but to my amazement, you never do. Thank you for understanding me like no one else does; if we didn’t have the connection we did, I can’t imagine how lonely and big this world would feel. Because of you, this world seems like a little friendlier place, one I can see myself being a part of.

Dear Laura,

You have always understood and never judged. It is because of you that I never have to worry about someone loving me. It is because of you that I know I always have a home.  Thank you for always answering my snapchats and believing in me when I struggle to. Thank you for being my number one supporter and always laughing with and at me. You bring out the best in me and we are way more similar, more than I thought. You give me amazing advice about life because you are living your life to the fullest whilst I’m still in school. Thank you for being there whenever I need it. Thank you for taking photos of me just for a competition and for being such a lovely person to me. Thank you for always making me laugh. Your words of wisdom motivate me whenever I'm scared of the uncertainty of life and they are better than gold. I love you so much. Thank you for acting like my older sister. You hold me to a higher standard than I think I hold myself. And I cannot be more grateful. Thank you for needing me. Sometimes all I need to go on is to remember that I'm not alone and you are counting on me, too. “Cousins are connected heart to heart, distance and time will never break them apart.”

Dear Georgia,

Thank you for constantly talking to me. When we are at dancing and people call us the chatterboxes but, I honestly don’t know what we are talking about. We probably talk so much nonsense it’s not even funny, but we are always laughing which is a good thing. You bring out the best in me. Thank you for always being honest. There is one thing that does annoy me about you and I think you will know what it is that you are perfect. You do everything perfect the first time. Honestly a piece of advice from me to you in to believe in yourself. I don’t think you do but you need to. You are such a beautiful person. You inspire me so much. We’re best friends because you never make me uncomfortable. Our friendship is a rare type and it's only available for you and me. You make me feel so calm and I know that whatever I do you probably judge me but you will always love me. I love you to the moon and back, my sweet friend. “The hardest thing is not being able to talk to you”

Dear Kathleen,

To the loveliest, funniest, craziest and most beautiful best friend in the world- I love you with all my heart and you mean the world to me, please don’t forget that.  Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a whole lot more. Because of you, I’ve learned so many new things that I wouldn’t have learned if you weren’t by my side. Because of you I know the basics to tap. Because of you I now wear a leotard to ballet.  Because of you I believe in myself because you believe in me, you always encourage me. Because of you, I can proudly say that there’s someone out there in the world who loves me for who I am – throughout all my craziness. You’re such a beautiful person in my life because you let me be who I truly am. You accepted me for everything that I am, and I’m eternally grateful for that. I can only hope that this friendship means as much to you as it does to me because there’s nothing in the world that can replace my friendship with such a wonderful person like you. “the uglier the snapchat the closer the friendship.”

Dear Maddie,

Dear best friend, I miss you. When you left, my heart left with you. I have never been moved to tears so easily as when I think of you and the distance between us. Thank you for taking care of me in every way possible, for being there when no one else was. I just wanted to say that even though we live in different states you still mean so much to me and I care so much about our friendship because you are the best friend I could ever ask for. I can call you up and tell you anything and I know that it will never come out of your mouth again. I know that we are both busy and struggle to find the time to talk, but I know that you haven’t forgotten me, and I want to stay in touch forever because when you find such a special friend you never want to lose them. I know that when we do talk we can pick up the conversation where the last one ended. You always seem so close to me, even in the moment when you are miles away from me. Thank you for knowing when I needed you, even if I never said anything. We can go for so long without talking but as soon as we get together, it’s as if we had never stopped. Thank you for being my best friend. “True friends are never apart. Maybe by distance but, never by heart”

Dear Ginger,

I think you deserve the world, yet somehow, I don’t think you always see that but I want you to know, I often find my own self-wondering what I did to deserve you. You’ve been there from day one. You are so different to everyone else that I know. You just make me laugh in the weirdest ways. We don’t hang out with each other every minute of every day. But you are always there for me no matter what. You are the toughest person I know. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You have had so much happen in the last few years, but you are so strong. I know that you aren’t always okay, but you honestly don’t show it one bit. Your mother says that you are tough but you are next level tough. You power through your tough times and you are a massive inspiration to me. You let me be myself when I felt like I should change to please other people. You have accepted all my imperfections and made me see my own inner beauty. You’ve made me realise how worthy of love I am because I am loved by somebody like you. Our friendship is precious and priceless, and I will always stay friends with you until the end of time. I love you so much, my sweet friend. “I hope you know how brave, important, sparkly and wonderful you are.”

Dear Mikayla,

Thank you for recreating parts of the greatest showman with me and laughing at that one part in This is Me. Thank you for going to watch that movie with me twice. Thank you for knowing what I mean, even when I don't finish my thoughts. Thank you for loving the good, the bad, and the ugly, and for constantly encouraging me. You've always got my back. Because of you, I can say that I am a better person who is made happier with you as my friend. You are my mirror and my shadow. You are my mirror because you’d never lie to me. You’d always show me who I truly am, and you’d never let me go out of the house wearing an awful outfit. And you are my shadow, too. You never leave my side. You’re always there for me when I need you. And when life shines brightly on me, I feel your presence so much more because I know you’re supporting me through it all.” Making memories with you is my favourite thing to do.”

Dear Best Friends. Please stay in my life forever because your friendship is one of the best things to ever happen to me. You’ve lit up my life like no other. You’re always the one to lead our adventures. You’re always the person who can light up a room the way you have lit up my heart. I love you, my dear best friends. One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends. I hope that as we grow older we make even more memories, jokes, and shared secrets with you all. I can already imagine us becoming old buddies who take our morning walks together as we gossip about what’s going on in our lives. Your friendship is for keeps, and I intend to keep it forever. I love and appreciate you all in very different ways. Thank you all for being such amazing parts of my life. You honestly make my day. I love you all very much.

Eliza  xx


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