Kmart Haul

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have had a lot of assessments and just haven’t had much time to write up any blog posts, but I am back and super excited about this post. I love Kmart sooooo much that I made mum drive to a different town just to go to Kmart because we don’t have a Kmart where I live. Kmart is so cheap but good quality and I just love it. I was looking at some stuff online during the week and I could wait to go there. So, this is some of the stuff that I picked up today. Enjoy!

Easter Egg baubles

As soon as we walked into Kmart I saw these and had to get them. These colours are my all my favourites and they are so cute, so I had to get them.

Fluffy Socks

I am obsessed with socks and my sock draw is overflowing but as soon as I saw these I had to get them. In Australia its coming into autumn and winter and these fluffy socks are so thick and soft they are going to be my saviour this winter. 

Round Neck T-Shirt

I have a t-shirt of every colour but white and I think that everyone needs a plain white t-shirt, so I got one. 

Striped PJ Shirt with Heart Elbows

As soon as I saw this I put it in my trolley. It is so cute, and its pyjamas. I am honestly going to wear them every night. 

No Show Black Socks

I had some of these before but they have lots of holes in them and were really thin. These ones are like actual socks, the other ones I had were kind of like stockings, so I picked some of these up. 

Makeup Remover Pads

I just needed some more of these… so I got some more. Not for makeup, but for my skincare. 

White V Neck T-Shirt

Along with the round neck I picked up a v neck because I couldn’t decide, so I got them both. 

Washi Tape

I saw these online and I have never owned washi tape before, so I got some, and I really like the colours and patterns on these. 

Black Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan

Mum found this and thought that I would like it and she was correct. Its just one of those cardigans that goes with everything and is super soft and warm. 

Easter Bunny Biscuit

I saw this in the store and was too cute to leave there so I had to pick it up. I’m not to sure if I’ll eat it because it was so cute.

Light Blue Hooded Puffer Jacket

Another thing that I picked up was a massive puffy jumper that is super warm, and the colour is so beautiful, and I loved it.

Silly Scented Markers

I also saw these online and picked them up because they are scented. They smell so good and will make my work smell good as well. If you wanted to know the scents they are strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, lemon, lime, fresh air, blueberry, caramel, marshmallow and root beer. They are also washable, so they will wash out of your clothes if you get the marker on them. 

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Eliza xx


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