Who Run the World?


Girls are stronger when we stick together. There are so many girls in the world today that are just killing it. I wanted to share with you guys some girls that I think are amazing and are inspirational people.

Zoe Sugg – I personally love Zoe and I think she’s a massive inspiration and is such a lovely person. She is a fashion and beauty vlogger, blogger, YouTuber and author but with all her success with over 12 million subscribers, she is so humble and thankful for everyone and everything.

Jess Conte – Jess Conte is an Australian Youtuber that lives in America with her boyfriend Gabriel. She is such a sweet and genuine person. If you haven’t seen her wedding video, I will link it in this post and you must watch it because it is stunning, and she looks gorgeous.

Kylie Jenner – If you didn’t know Kylie recently had a baby and she could have made so much money by spreading the word about her pregnancy but she made the choice not to and I respect that. She decided to keep her pregnancy a secret for the protection of her daughter which I think is so special and amazing.

Oprah – If you didn’t see the video of Oprah’s speech at the golden globes you have to because it is so inspiring and powerful for all little girls of all colours. She made such a powerful statement during her speech should be commended on the way she delivered her speech.

Girls can be so powerful when we all work together and stick up for each other. There is so much bullying in society these days and it's awful to see girls being rude and putting each other down because of little things or even big things. I think everyone needs to be just that little bit nicer every day even if it’s just saying Good morning or goodnight or congratulating someone on an achievement just the little things in life can make a difference in someone’s day to day life.

In society, girls are supposed to be perfect and we need to support each other because nobody’s perfect and I think that we all need to remind ourselves that. We need to encourage girls out there to be happy in their own skin, and that you don’t need to be wearing the most expensive clothes or be wearing a full face of makeup to look pretty. You just need to be yourself and you need to except that.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen!”

Jess’s Wedding: https://youtu.be/OUB6zKc-Tos
Oprah’s Speech: https://youtu.be/fN5HV79_8B8


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