Bath Time

My new year’s resolution is more self-love and taking care of myself, and taking a bath regularly does help me to think about life and makes me inspired. I think it helps with my self love. I really enjoy bath times and I think that it is important to let your imagination run wild every now and again.

 When I went on my year 7 camp, one night my music teacher made us sit on top of this hill near our camp looking over Sydney and the harbour and he made us do this exercise where we had to sit there for about half an hour to an hour and we had to be silent and just think to ourselves and it was an exercise I use often, and I think is important for everyone to do weekly and it is a moment that I will remember forever. I sometimes use that exercise when I’m in my bath to unwind and think about my future. 

The bath is a magical place and there are so many amazing products to use when I'm in the bath. Today I used some of Zoella’s new products in her treasure me box set, and it smelt amazing and I also used a candle to help relax. If I am watching YouTube I’m probably watching Zoella’s videos of some sort because I find them relaxing. My goal for you guys is to set aside some alone time for yourself. 

  Eliza xx


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