Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies

1.    Arthur Christmas
Arthur Christmas is a Christmas movie that is about Santa Claus delivering presents to every single child in the world on Christmas Eve, but one little girl was forgotten, and it was up to Arthur and his grandfather to save the day and make sure that that little girl received her present before she woke on Christmas day.

2.   Love Actually
Love Actually is about nine different families and how they spent their Christmas, and you find out how small the world is. It shows us that love connects everyone together especially at Christmas. It shows us the true meaning of Christmas.

3.    Elf
The human named  Buddy who accidently found himself in the North pole as a toddler where he was raised up by Santa’s elves. Buddy knew that he could never fit in with all the other elves in the North Pole so when Buddy is an adult he travels to New York City full Elf uniform in search for his real father.

4.    The Grinch
In the real version of the children’s tale by Dr. Seuss, the isolated green Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the cheery people of Whoville. Reluctantly joined by his hapless dog, Max, the Grinch comes down from his mountaintop home and sneaks into town to swipe everything holiday-related from the Whos.

5.    Jingle All The Way
Howard Langston wants to make things up to his son, Jamie and wife, Liz. He promises to get Jamie the hottest toy of the season, Turbo-Man, even though it's Christmas Eve and the toy is practically sold out. As Howard searches for the gift, he runs into mailman Myron, another father on the same quest. With the clock winding down, Howards moral code is tested as he starts to learn the real meaning of Christmas.

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