Favourites // August

My August favourites range from beauty to food and just things that I have been loving this month. It is coming into Spring and then Summer because I live in Australia but most of my monthly favourites are mostly autumnal beauty products that I have been loving, but look forward to some summery blog posts. I’ll stop rambling and show you what I have been loving this month.

Zoella Beauty - Gelat’eau Body Mist

I have been loving this product because it makes you smell so good. This scent that Zoe chose is beautiful and her Jelly and Gelato range its self is amazing but this has been a stand out. I describe this scent as a floral and fresh. Her packing is amazing quality and the colours work so well together. Zoe has done an exceptional job with her range and can’t wait for her Snowella range.

Carmex Lip Balm

This lip balm has been a saviour during winter in Australia during school, dancing and just chilling at home. I have gone through many little tubs of Carmex this winter it is unreal. This lip balm is different to others because it really does moisturise your lips and stays on for a long time. For those who are going into winter you need to buy some of this lip balm because it is a must have.

Tanya Bakes Book

Tanya Burr’s book Tanya Bakes has been such a good book for the winter time but is also good for all seasons and occasions. She has recipes from baking on a Sunday, Halloween, Christmas birthdays and many more. Her book has many good recipes. Some of my all-time favourites are her Sunday Cake (page 87) Custard Tarts (page 156) Easter Nests (page 233) and her Birthday Cupcakes (page 238). The photography in the book is unreal and the book its self is unreal.

Marble Pop Socket

If you don’t have a pop socket already you need one because they are so helpful. It does make your phone a bit bulky but I have an iPhone 5c and it isn’t the skinniest phone but t still works with the pop socket. I think that they really help me to not drop it and they work well as a phone stand. I got my pop socket off my friend for $5 so I’m not quite sure where she got t from but I will try to link it down below.

Gold Eyelash Curler

When it comes to dancing and competing you do your makeup and I don’t always like to wear fake eyelashes so I tries using an eyelash curler and I fell in love. Sometimes I just curl my lashes to go to school because they just make your eyelashes look a lot nicer and it makes you look more awake. It literally takes me 1 minute to curl my lashes it is so quick.

Rondoletti - Strawberry and Cream Wafers

When coming home from dancing or school having a little snack on these is perfect. They taste so good and they also have a lot of different flavours. My favourite are the ones above which ate the strawberry and cream. They also have plain, vanilla and cappuccino. You bite into the crunchy wafer and then they melt in your mouth to make a strawberry creamy sensation and are so yummy.

They are all of my monthly favourites for August. I hope that you liked them. sorry that I haven't been post lately I am going to try to post more often. 

See you soon

Eliza xo


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